【Frequently asked questions】

How does McRBC differ from other market research companies?


McRBC is a specialist market research company providing strategic information essential for decision making (regarding management strategies, business strategies, marketing strategies) based on primary information obtained via field research (B-to-B research, industrial research) in the industrial goods sector. Many market research companies provide only consumer market research, but the main focus of McRBC’s projects are stakeholders (competitors, distributors, users of industrial goods).


What research methods does McRBC use?


McRBC’s experienced field researchers visit research targets (competitors, customers of competitors, distributors, users of industrial goods, etc.) to conduct interactive, face-to-face interviews. The field research is initiated after thorough pre-research in order to maximize the accuracy and relevance of the intelligence obtained.


What types of studies is McRBC often asked to do?


McRBC receives many requests for competitive intelligence studies based on fact finding and perception studies to analyze key selection factors and develop strategies to boost market share. The findings of both types of research are used to develop marketing strategies.


- Examples of projects -
  • Feasibility studies for new businesses and products
  • Studies of trends in specific markets and demand forecasting
  • Competitor studies, analysis of competitor products
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses through ratings by customers (distributors, end users) of own company (or products) and competitors (or competitor products)
  • Market position analysis and consulting on approaches to boost market share
  • Business partner selection studies and consulting
  • M&A studies and consulting
  • Corporate image studies (anonymous studies to determine how one’s own company is perceived by competitors)
  • Studies and consulting to formulate business and marketing strategies
  • Studies and consulting to devise or remodel IT-enabled logistics systems
  • Studies and consulting to devise or reformulate business models
  • Medical research (interviews with doctors and information analysis)


What are your fees for research and consulting?


Fees are based on the scope and complexity of the assignment as well as the target industry, and McRBC will provide a quotation (for all stages through report submission) after receiving a client brief. If the budget is already fixed, McRBC will scope out the optimal project design to fit the budget.


How come my first contact with information about McRBC was through this website?


McRBC is the successor to the research division of the research-based industrial consulting company RBC, Inc., and has a history going back more than 45 years. RBC, Inc., with a client base of more than 600 companies and more than 3,000 completed projects, provided industrial research and consulting services to major corporations and government organizations until 2004. McRBC began to publicize its services to domestic companies around 2005.

What is the origin of the name McRBC?


McRBC stands for Marketing Coordination & Research-Based Consulting.